Our internal and external worlds are a challenge to us all. Each day we protect, communicate, and project an external image of who we are and what we do in our world.

Is the external image that we project each day the same internal image we have and want for ourselves? Matching both is difficult, because the ‘if’ word comes into play. If only I had this, if only I was more…. If only I had a better job….. if only I had more money.

If  is a small word that often becomes a major blockage in our world.

Changing your mask can be fearful, one needs the inner strength to make a change. Remaining in the ‘as is’ may not be an option for you. The longer your internal and external world remain different the greater the gap will become.

So. gently remove your mask and show the world your inner beauty. Only you can do this for you.

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