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“You Go To Kelowna”

Kelowna view from Knox Mountain

The lovely lady I met 10 years ago on the Ferry back from Vancouver Island, when I helped carry her bags onto the boat and we sat together for the full journey back to Vancouver City.  We chatted all the way throughout the full journey.  Some days afterwards, I wrote this story about her ‘There are always two sides’.

During our conversation she asked me where were we going in Canada. I replied “just following where people are telling us to go, as an adventure. I think after Vancouver, we will go to Calgary and across Canada to Toronto. Not sure after that.”

To which she replied, “don’t go to Calgary, everything dies in Calgary, you go to Kelowna”

“I asked, where is Kelowna, I have never heard of it before.”

Again she replied “don’t worry where it is, you will find it. I have a daughter living in Kelowna.  It has a large lake and beautiful mountains. You go to Kelowna.”

I have been in Kelowna now for 10 years, she was right when she said ,you go to Kelowna.

Follow your path and dreams, I am glad I did.

2 comments to “You Go To Kelowna”

  • You changed someone life the same way it happened to you, Mel! In your kindness, 20 years ago, you spent time with my family and helped us to take a decision that was most fortunate – the place which we didn’t know about then, became our new place. I am talking about lovely Skerries, in Ireland, and about your advice and help and support all the way.
    I understand that your kindness was rewarded, you are the person that truly deserves this!
    Thank you, Mel!

  • Florin, Many thanks for your kind words. I remember our conversation and I know you,Dana and the girls have been and are very happy that you moved to Skerries. Hope to see you soon again after all this Covid -19 passes. Thank you Florin.

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