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Write your own Book

Links to websites and materials that can support you in getting your manuscript turned into your own book.  If only for you or if you want to publish and share your book with the world, check out these sites.  It is never too late to start writing YOUR BOOK.

Books and Materials

FREE GIFT: Jumpstart My Book Free Survey

EBOOK: Author’s Quick Guide to Making Money with Your 99-Cent Kindle Box

BOOT CAMP: KindleIn30 Challenge

FREE Webinar – How to be a Kindle Ninja
DIGITAL COURSE: Self-Publish on Demand

DIGITAL COURSE: Self Publish on Kindle

DIGITAL COURSE: Market My Book Now

SYSTEM: Best-Seller Campaign Tracking System

EBOOK: Entire Author’s Quick Guide Series

EBOOK: Author’s Quick Guide to Turning Your Speech into a Book

EBOOK: Author’s Quick Guide to Staying Focused and Motivated

EBOOK: Author’s Quick Guide to Having a Successful Book Signing

EBOOK: Author’s Quick Guide to Creating a Killer Non-Fiction Book Title

TEMPLATES: Scrivener Templates