Who Will Break the Mould?

When will the ripples of change start

I have not written around the area of politics lately but I feel the complete lack of accountability and responsibility taken by a lot of Politicians is becoming more ridiculous. There are those who are doing considerable good work and are extremely effective in their roles and unfortunately get tarnished with the same brush.  But those politicians and public servants who are totally ineffectiveness and mismanage their positions never get fired from their jobs –Why? There seems to be a total lack of common sense missing in their world.  I have come to the conclusion that there must be a set of rules or codes written that one is given when they enter the political arena.  In my opinion the following rules must be within the top ten.

Rule Book – How to be a Successful Politician  1 -10

  1. Never admit to anything unless you are 100% sure you will get positive credit for it
  2. Never tell the truth, even if you can’t get away with it and you have to step aside for a while there is always away out for you with full benefits and pay
  3. Never under any circumstances accept accountability or responsibility for anything – always ensure you have someone else or agency to blame
  4. You are only in office for a five year periods , so if you are totally infective you can always get elected again with the same old crap only this time dress it up more and hire some consultants (family members) to assist you
  5. Always promise everything and delivery nothing on time or within the agree budget or that works as it should.
  6. Always claim as much expenses as possible under the systems available (its call milking the system or taking the piss)
  7. If you have another public service job make sure you can return to it at any stage with all benefits and pensions still available to you
  8. Travel as much as you can and bring as many family members with you. Various trips can be found in the politician’s manual under J for junkets.  Look for the trips and conferences that are of no value to the position you may hold or your country, these are the best ones to go on.  For example “The Impact of Tropical rain fall on the kiwi fruit” is a good one because you can add “The impact of Tropical rain fall on the kiwi fruit and its knock on effects to the school going children of county?” It is vital you always have the “add on” phase, samples can be found in your manual under F for found out.
  9. Make sure that when those (your friends) you have placed in positions of authority (state agencies and boards) really mess up that you get them the largest pay off and pensions available, as it could be your turn next.
  10. Functions and dinners are free so ensure you drink and eat well

If you can follow these rules to the letter and are very comfortable in doing so – then politics is for you – Or – will you write new rules and serve the people and society you are elected to serve?

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