Where do YOU want to go? I was once informed that if you watch any tourist couples in any city around the world that in the morning time (AM) the males will have control of the tour guides and city directional maps.  In the afternoon (PM time) the women will have control of the maps.  For over one hour in Dublin city one afternoon I watched tourists and sure enough 99% the females had control. Why is this?

Is it that when they start off on their day out that the men take control and manage where they will go to and they will lead the way of the sight seeing. In the afternoon when they have either not really got anywhere or they are bored the women take the control.  Either to save the day because men can’t find anywhere on the maps or the women are so frustrated they just take over.  Either way does it matter?  Is this truly what happens or is it just a coincident?

Next time you are in any city just observe the tourist couples and see who has the street maps related to the time of day.

The one of the most important things in life is to ensure you have control of your own direction and can read your map to take you where you want to go.

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