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Who can you help today?

Crummey V Ireland

Following a recent radio interview with Mr. Frank Crummey I purchased his book titled Crummey v Ireland. Frank Crummey is the man who in the late 1960’s as a guest on the Late Late Show told of the abuse within schools by Irish Christian Brother. Which lead to him loosing his job and getting abuse hurled at him in the street.  As we have all seen in recent years how true he was with his statements.

A man of many different careers and never afraid to support and help those who needed it most.  I have heard many times the saying “if we all put our own troubles out on the table you would be quick to take your own back”.

Frank says “All I want to do is to leave this world a little better for my being here” (Page 190). From what I have read you will leave after doing a great deal, not just a little.

Great read and well done Frank we could all do with a little of the courage you have to make a difference in this world.

There is always someone out there who needs your support, so who can YOU help today?

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