Who are they protecting?

Rotten to the Core

It seems to me that there are more rules and regulations in place to protect those that waste Government money then there are to protect those that just want to do a good job within the Public Sector.  Protecting those that make claims of false and excessive expenses, those that sign off on major pay offs for individuals who contribute to the wastage.  What about those that care and really work hard at what they do to contribute to a better service/society.  Does nobody have the courage to stand up and do what is right?

What does suspended mean in the public sector?

Does it mean:-

  • Have a nice break or holiday for a few weeks on full pay until this all blows over!
  • We think you have been taking the piss with your expenses so ease off and wait till this all blows over and don’t do it again (what happened to the word stealing!!)
  • Listen we have to be seen to do something so just lay low for a few weeks and apologise (oh! forgot we don’t do apologises – just say you have done nothing wrong and you will be proven innocent when there is an enquiry)
  • Listen we have real problems and we are going to use you to keep the journalists side tracked and away from the real problems so don’t worry we see you right on this- wink -wink

What happened to the word “your fired”?

The issues are coming hard and fast it is difficult to keep on top of them all.  Maybe for once we could have a league style table of all the issues over the past few years.  Published  once per week in a national newspaper and just add the new ones so we can keep track and focus.  Here is just a very small sample of suggested heading and only a very small sample of the recent issues.

Issue Action taken by Government Cost to taxpayer
Post Tunnel Overspend None €150Million overspend
Luas Overspend None €471Million Overspend
Electronic Voting Machines and Storage None €52 Million and €800,000 per year to store
M50 Toll Bridge None €500 million+
Purchase of Land

Dublin Dock

New Prison

None €427 Million purchase price

€35 Million

Anglo Irish Bank

Other Irish Banks

Support and Pay rises


Dear Great grand Children greed left you this debt

The HSE Management and its management structures, the Ballymun Water Tower, the Minister and TD’s expenses claims and on and on and on.

We erect plagues and monument to celebrate success what about one to remind us of the corruption and greed that exists.  We easily forget and just focus on the latest scandal – I feel it is important that there is a chart published each week with all of the issues and a running total so those individuals responsible can be reminded of their failures.

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