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When it’s rotten throw it out

Rotten Apples

Yet again more rotten apples in the barrel.  I have written before about people taking personal responsibility and accountability for their actions.  It seems to me that these values and qualities do not exist within the Government ranks for certain Politicians and Senators.  Again we see more issues of miss spending.  Yes the old expenses claims – even the dogs in the street know that these claims are taking the P***.  This in my opinion is boarding on fraudulent actions.

But what will happen?…..if it was you or me we would be fired from our Company and have great difficulty getting another job.  But if you are a Minister or Senator who are suppose to be responsible for representing the people of this country, you will be OK as nothing will happen.  You see this is acceptable behaviour and accountability is not required in these jobs.  Also to add to this the “Old Party” will circle its wagons and support you, because this is how politics in Ireland works.

Rotten to the core – don’t mind what they say watch their behaviour.

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