What makes amazing teamwork?

Better Than The Rest

When it actually comes down to it knowing and doing are miles apart.  Reading about teamwork, knowing the right qualities, attributes and skills required is very different to being able to put these skills into practice.  One finds, elements like those who want the individual glory rather than the teams glory having a hidden present in a team activity.  The African tradition of teamwork and collaboration is called Ubuntu” – “humanity towards others’.

Yes there are lots of skills and qualities for success that we bring to team working like leadership, collaboration, innovations, here are some of my thoughts based on my experience as to what delivers amazing teamwork from the average to great teamwork.  Common sense is a good option to bring with you into a team, but sadly often forgotten.

Key Skills for Success Poor Teamwork Standard Teamwork Great Teamwork Amazing Teamwork
Communications Lacking and ineffective Mixed, lots said and lots lost Good and open and present at all times Open and Honest – both verbal and behavioural continuous throughout.
Trust Lacking and absence yet mentioned but not practiced Mixed and selective to suit agenda Good and willingness to discussed referred too and time allocated to develop Demonstrated and without question.  Respect for self and others key part of participation
Listing Lacking in self and others – with attached judgements before understanding Mixed and can be selective at times.  Used to suit positions Good with understanding and clarity constant review attentive behaviours Demonstrated with excellent understanding and clarity.  Internal listening to the self – respect for others
Questioning Lacking and pointed to establish a “Got You” and “put downs” Mixed and selective sometimes a slowness to address the difficult questions required for the task Good and seeking better ways and understanding.  Difficult questions are asked and addressed Demonstrated and seeking better ways of understanding.  Internal questioning of the self.  Pulling the plug address when necessary
Fun Only of others Laughter and smiles.  But often with business slagging attached Good environment created to allow the child within expressed Continuous without thought part of the project.  Positive environment at all times.  Expected that this is the only way to work
Expectations Not Expressed in words but communicated in undertones Requested and recorder lack of reference during the task Requested and part of the project of achievement examined to ensure focus. Continually reviewed and encourage to achieve higher result from initial targets as the team grows in confidence.
Concerns Not expressed in words demonstrated in undertone of behaviours Requested and recorder and hope of they will go away Put into action points in order to remove from the project.  Time spend to elevate as and when reviewed. Put into action points in order to support and remove.  Learning recognised and used within the project.  Discussed openly throughout the task.
Support Conspicuous by its  absence Provided when recognised can be selective Encouraged and part of the project goals and learning.  Demonstrated in actions and stories. Feeling of security by teams members No competition between team members only individual competition to do better for the team.  Never requested always present.
Challenge Low or nonexistent – if challenged done with agenda Provided when recognised often takes time to emerge Encouraged and part of the project goals and learning Introduced with positivity and encouragement.  Facing inner fears and overcoming personal challenge to improve project delivery.
Objectives Fall short or not achieved Achieved put only just often reduced to ensure success outcomes. Achieved on time and in full but wishing and knowledge within the team of could of done better. Better than expected enhanced and a real sense of achievement within each team member.
Learning Time wasted on blaming others Only certain Individual learning achieved Team and individual learning.  Experience of self and personal growth Individual growth and recognition of greater learning to be achieved and the sense of WOW can’t wait for more.
Would you do it again Not with this team Yes but with a difference. Would call issues earlier. Yes, Captured the learning with personal growth for all the team.  Positive feeling of joy. Yes, learning realised and shared with other teams.  Team members anxious to work with new teams to learn more.  Celebration of success.

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    1. Thanks Laurine for taking the time to comment on this post, good team work makes things happen, but when one experiences amazing team work there is nothing like what can be achieve.
      Kind Regards

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