What makes a great organisation – Its People?

Yes the Focus is on YOU

Most organisations generally do what is expected of them.  They have all the right policies, the right slogans and they have written somewhere maybe on the Company walls, their vision mission and values.  The issue is that  most Companies don’t pay any attention to their stated values when it comes to actual implementation.  I have seen companies with written values around customers and employees yet they continue to actively behave and demonstrate the opposite to what they proclaim.

I wrote a post in June this year about Companies who have changed the name of the department and section who have a responsibility for employees “people”.  For some reason they think by changing the name it will change the way people will behave or perceive them as a company.  One of the latest names on the market is “Human Capital” please give me a break!

So who is responsible for people in an organisation?  – “Your CEO”.  If the CEO’s in companies really believe that their people make or break the organisation then it’s is their responsibility to ensure that they actively demonstrate through their own actions that this is the case.  They must also ensure that all their direct reports behave in the same way as they should with their people and so on right throughout the Company.

If your CEO is not actively involved with the day to day interests in their people then I would suggest you LEAVE RIGHT NOW, why – because you could work with an amazing Company where people really matter and grow.

What gets honoured in a County gets done –Plato

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