What makes a great –Manager?

The role of a Manager is to listen and ensure that all employees are developing in their job.  So what differentiates an O.K. Manager from an amazing manager?  I believe it’s those managers who employ people more rather than employing more people.  Listening to what is happening in the workplace and ensuring that all employees are growing within the organisation.  At the same time they manage those out of the Company who do not contribute their best to the business objectives and those who just don’t fit in (most of the time you will find they are unhappy in this type of work).  There is nothing worse then hearing in a workplace “we should of let that person go a long time back”. If you as a manager have this situation you have firstly let the individual down and secondly the business.

Do you want to be a great Manager?  Well just listen to what going on in the workplace – and take action!

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