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What makes a great – work colleague?

Team Work

The role of a work colleague is to do the best job they are capable off so they can deliver the business offering for its customers.  So what differentiates an O.K. work colleague from an amazing work colleague?  I believe there is only one thing and that is the ability to LISTEN.  Listening to their customers and playing their part in supporting and challenging their fellow work colleagues to ensure they all deliver.

Being able to give and receive feedback from others and giving their very best in what they do in their job each day to ensure success.  The “it’s not my job” or “if only they would do that” does not exist for them. Work colleagues help each other by working as one team.  Great work colleagues see the value in the difference individuals bring to the workplace and demonstrate respect for each other.  They don’t play political games, their behaviour demonstrates honesty and trust.

Do you want to be a great work colleague?  Well just listen – you might just find out something about yourself!

2 comments to What makes a great – work colleague?

  • Liz Donnelly

    Hi Mel,
    Just wanted to leave a comment that your website has been so useful in helping me implement an employee engagement programme in my new HR Mgr role.

  • melclifford

    Hi Liz

    Many thanks foryour comment and delighted to be of any support

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