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What I Notice in this World

Not much, for it is the commercialism and control of our minds

I don’t seek or feel I have time for such things

Busy, is the common word to avoid and not notice our world

Running down the path that seems to be never ending and full of wants

What others want of me and not what I need for my soul

Being difference is shouted for, yet not valued but scorned

Taking time to notice is shunned and considered as a waste of time

Yet time is all we got, for we are all under the sentence of death from the day we are born

Patience in our lives, a smile, a hug, a kiss, a wave

Taking that time in our day to just notice and enjoy

As children we played and laughed and played and laughed

Not noticing our growth and our movement into the adult world, of must do’s and can’t do’s

Stop! I shout, for it is me that has the controls and not others

I can decide to take notice and it always starts with me

My soul will live on, only if I feed it with what I notice in this world and cheat the death sentence of my body


Tear drops to feed the earth


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