We are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz

Enjoy Life

Today is the start of a new and fresh journey in life for Alistair and Nora.  Taking on new adventures and challenges in their lives, no expectation and no concerns.  Creating their own future and meeting life it what it brings each day to them.  Looking to learn something new each day and promoting only goodness in their world.

We all know people who say I wish I could or only if I had this I would, but I can’t because of…. and never get to do what they have always wanted.  People who expect everything but never give or take a risk in their life, someone else is always to blame but not them.  Well it is never too late and Alistair and Nora have created and taken that opportunity.  How – “attitude” – “can do” taking a risk in life and an approach of so what if it fails but boy what if it a success. Understanding that life is difficult but one does not have to make it more difficult for themselves then it already is.  No one else can make you happy only you, it’s you decision.

On their yellow brick road who will they meet?  What will they do?  How will they get on?  – Who knows but is that not exciting.

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