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Just this week Cuba announced it will lay off over 500,000 state employees, yes 500,000.Why?  They need to take action now to support and save their economy. The Government intend to move more into the free-market and therefore are laying off those workers who are less productive.  These workers will be expected to find jobs in the private sectors not an easy transition.  Although they have been working with a large black market in order to supplement their very low state incomes.

What a about Ireland what have they have done only a three year deal with their bed fellows not to make anyone redundant in the public sectors even the unproductive employees, great business decision, sure we will have a few more drinks and see how we get on.

What about those in Cuba who will remain in the state sector?  They will face new salary restructures and bonus based only on productivity achievements.  Again remind you of anywhere except for the bit about been made redundant.  Productivity when does one expect to see this productivity happening? This is the big question and yet to date what and where are the results in Irealnd?

Watch and learn my Cuban friends watch and learn!

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