Was it GREED or What?

It seems to me that what we read and what we hear in the Irish media continues to paint a much prettier picture than what actually exists.  My question is why?  If one questions this opinion are they seen as negative and condemned for not having a positive attitude towards “Green Shoots”.  It is raining quite a lot here in Ireland and everything looks greener but that’s growing from the ground not growing in the economy.  Having worked for many years at senior level in the retail sector, paying attention to what was happening at ground level was important and how customers were engaging with your business.  Not what Head Office thought from their comfortable offices.

Before 2008 the banks and mortgage companies could not wait to lend you lots of money and yes the money was accepted with open hands.  The majority of decent individuals borrowing to support their families to get on the “housing ladder” or following the advice to invest in property, or bank shares (“safe as a house”) to support their future pensions.  Let’s not forget the lending decisions were made and signed off by professionally qualified risk assessors and qualified experienced lenders who were rewarded handsomely for their decisions.

This September we will enter our fifth year of the “Irish Financial Crisis” commonly known as “The Recession”.  If we pretend that it’s all OK out there and that you are made feel you are the only one not able to meet their payments then the Banks and Mortgage companies supported by other professions can continue to harass individuals as much as they like.  It seems to me the more stress that is placed on individuals the better it is in the hope that you might just have that heart attacked and died.  The banks and lending agencies are covered in full as they insisted that you take out mortgage protection our other insurance policies?  Less hassle all round, except for the insurance companies.  They too must now be looking for some get out clause not to pay out.

Small business and home owners who are honest and decent individuals are in critical financial difficulties.  They have worked hard and contributed to the development of the country.  Their borrowings were not for greed, they are worried sick that they will never be able to pay back this debt in their life time. They don’t have the high powered legal professionals supporting them in their corner.

Could it be worse – yes it could always get worse – but pretending it’s all good and not dealing with the truth gets the country nowhere.

Who stands to benefit from this crisis?

Where are those individuals now that were entrusted with protecting its citizens and who presided over this crisis?

“you can’t handle the truth” comes to mind, the truth hurts – maybe some more than others but will it ever come out?

Read John Humphrey’s article – Sunday Times 24th June – On Greece

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  1. Thank you for sharing about what’s really happening on the ground.

    I certainly don’t believe that it is wise to pretend that it’s all good when it is clearly not the case.

    It might have been greed or gullibility. The unsuspecting person is usually at the mercy of the big boys.

    1. Hi Evelyn, Thanks for taking the time to comment. The truth may hurt but it always best to let individuals decide how to they want to feel and respond.Yes, the decent person is always at the mercy of the “big boys”. This world really needs to change for peace and community for all.
      Kind Regards

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