Ask yourself, “Why am I working with the organisation I am employed by?”

Or ask the question, “What are the values of this organisation, and do they match my values?”

If within this organisation you happen to be responsible for leading the way and you are the CEO or owner can you answer these questions?

Once answered, is there a difference between the values written down and the demonstration of these values in your workplace? If there is a mismatch what are you doing about it?

For if you are an employee, CEO. or owner – you have the responsibility to make the change that will bring the values into line with each other. Too often I have seen weak leadership, in what people say are their organisation’s values and how they behave against these communicated values.

Here are some values. They may not be perfect but who is? They may not be the most well written values, but does this matter? The important issue is that we live by them.

Our Values are about:

  • Having excellent communications with each other and our clients.
  • Having the discipline, commitment, and determination to deliver for each other and our clients.
  • Having care for our own personal growth in our business and personal environments.
  • Having trust in our colleagues and building trust with our clients through honesty.
  • Having and creating fun in all that we do.

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