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Uniquely You

Pardon Us Ms. Writer

I accidently came across this poem in a small coffee shop in Skerries.  I noticed a book of poems on the window ledge titled Pardon Us Ms. Writer written by Megan Easley- Walsh. As I read a few of her poems they stuck a cord with me and I thought it would be nice to share one or two of Megan’s poems with you from time to time.

I have added “Pardon Us Ms. Writer” to the Books for You list and here is a link to Megan’s website http://www.pardonusmswriter.com/

Thanks to Megan this poem below is shared with her permission.

Uniquely Me

They’re looking at me again

as if I’ve suggested some absurdity

By declaring what is right

By declaring that I’m free

Imposition may have stuck on you

but assumption won’t adhere to me

You may think that’s how I am

but this is how I choose to be

You don’t get to decide what I’m worth

You don’t get to reason what can’t be

You simply get to be you

And quite happily I get to be me

I shalln’t apologize

for my precepts of life

Nor for my convictions

sounding from truth’s fife

But I resolve to ever be

Forever more, uniquely me

2 comments to Uniquely You

  • Platinumluv

    Wow…this has been my personal slogan for a few years now “Forever, Uniquely..Me”. Never seen it put together before somewhere else – i thought I came up with it myself haha…but I love this poem because it’s exactly how i feel. I am who I am, that there is no one else out there like me, and I will never change.

  • melclifford

    Many Thanks for your comment and the poem is well written thanks again

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