To Serve the People for the People


Now that the election campaigns are upon us and we will have politicians that have never called at our door or we have never seen before in our local area, all seeking our vote.  Promising us lots of stuff that they will do for you.  Once in POWER they will forget about you. What will change, nothing except they will start to serve their own interests yet again and not yours.

I have one question for those who will dare call to the door.  What makes you different from all the rest of the politician?  Please don’t start quoting me about your parties policies or what you will do for me, my questions is simple please tell me what makes you different. After they have made an attempt to answer I will ask the following:-

Are you honest?

Are you trustworthy?

Will you do what is right not what you think will get you votes?

Will you stand up for what is best for the country even if it affects your own constituency?

Will you serve the people of this country in what is in their best interest as against what is in your?

Tell me what makes you different from all the rest?

Only then will I consider giving you my vote

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