Time Travel – supporting each other

Travelling Through Europe

Back to land and sea travel, maybe this will make us all think a little more.  A lot of stories coming through are how people are helping each other and supporting each other more during this time of flight restrictions over Europe.  Maybe all this rushing around at Airports will make us think again, rather than rushing we can take our time more.

Here is a poem to share my thoughts on Time.

“The World Above”

Our time on earth goes so fast

Each day we try to make every moment last

So think hard how you will spend your time

Because I will not let anyone waste mine

Be careful what and how you spend each day

If you always wanted to do something, do it now without delay

Don’t look back and say I wish I had

When you do you will only feel so sad

It’s equal to us all you know

So spend it wisely before you go

Give it away to the ones you love

Before you head into your world above

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