Time Management – What a Waste of Time

Waste of Time

Do you manage your time?

A topic that I will keep coming back too, while reading Jim Estill author of CEO Blog-Time Leadership http://www.jimestill.com/ the other day it reminded me to write another blog on my personal experience of time management.

Have you ever gone on Time Management (TM) courses?

Do you still have the fancy Time Manager folders and stationary?

Do you continued to practice all of what you learnt on these courses?

As the saying goes, “I have been there and done that”.  I have over many years come across lots of other individuals who would share the experience of going on a TM course and only improving their time management in the short term but has little long-term effect in their working or personal lives.

The key difference for me was when I changed my focus from where I was spending my time to where I was wasting my time.  This started to highlight where I was wasting time in both my personal life and work life.  So concentrating on what I did not want to do or where and who I did not want to be around allow me to spend more of my time on what, where and with whom I want to be with.  I placed value on my time and therefore was very reluctant to allow myself and others to waste it.  Remember what gets measure gets done.  Do you value your time?

Time management for me is a simple as this if you want to change your behaviour change your point of view towards your time.  The only one who is responsible and can manage your time is you – focus on where, on what and with whom you want to spend your time.  Don’t let others waste your time.

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