There is a beautiful chestnut tree that stands tall outside my window

Every winter it throws off its former glory of its summer and autumn coats

In winter it is kept warm by the falling snow that settles on its branches

Waiting for the new time, so it can begin again to grow and shelter those who will make their home

Continuous change to meet each season with a new and wonderful colour

As the spring now is about to open its doors, the buds form and slowly wait to burst

The man within looking out is no different and yet fails to recognise the same

Possibilities and opportunities that each day will bring

Worrying about what was, rather than what is now

Embracing the time to show the many coats he can wear as the seasons come and go

The tree does not wait for its death and think of what can be

The tree smiles and greets each new season with joy

So to the mindset of this man can also be


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