The Shrinky Family – Chapter 8

Meeting the Hairy Magoon Scoundrels

The Shrinky family and their friends were fast asleep when Mr. Winkle Handsome heard some strange sounds in the trees. He peeked out from his cozy blanket, but it was super dark, and he couldn’t see a thing. Isley, the dragon, woke up too, and she heard Mr. Winkle Handsome moving around.

“Mr. Winkle Handsome, what are you doing?” Isley whispered. “I heard some noises, and I’m checking if anyone or anything is coming,” he replied.

“It can’t be the Hairy Magoon’s scoundrels, they only come out when the sun rises each morning,” Isley assured him. “That’s good to know,” Mr. Winkle Handsome said, but he still heard rustling in the bushes.

“Go back to sleep, Mr. Winkle Handsome. I’ll stay up and watch for any intruders until morning,” Isley suggested. Mr. Winkle Handsome tiptoed back to his warm blanket, trying not to wake anyone else, and fell back asleep.

As the sun peeked over the hills, everyone slowly woke up. “Good morning, children and friends! It looks like a beautiful day for our journey. Let’s have some breakfast to fuel up for the day,” Mrs. Shrinky announced. The children eagerly helped prepare the food while Mr. Shrinky tended to the campfire. 

Isley, Splash, and Drench ventured into the forest for their morning feast. Charlie Whitesocks was busy grooming herself and didn’t seem bothered by anything.

Mr. Winkle Handsome walked over to Mr. Shrinky and asked if he heard any strange noises during the night. “Just Mrs. Shrinky snoring,” Mr. Shrinky chuckled. “Isley told me that the Hairy Magoon’s scoundrels only travel during the day looking for food. I’ll keep my eyes open to protect Gallop, Yew, and Hoppy,” Mr. Shrinky replied.

After breakfast, they prepared for the day ahead. The sunshine was splendid as they walked along a winding pathway. “Do you think we’re nearly at the edge of the earth?” asked Eeney. “Oh, I think we have a long way to go,” Meeny replied. 

After nearly three hours on the road, the Shrinky family, along with Mr. Winkle Handsome and Charlie Whitesocks, felt the need for a rest. Isley and her dragon babies, Splash and Drench quietly explored the bushes nearby.

Suddenly, a loud noise echoed, and out of nowhere, seven Hairy Magoon scoundrels appeared behind them. The Hairy Magoon scoundrels were sniffling and snorting, focusing on Gallop, Yew, and Hoppy. As they got closer, the Shrinky family saw their peculiar shape.

The Hairy Magoon scoundrels had three long arms, short hairy legs, and three eyes on the front of their hairy faces. One eye pointed left, one pointed straight ahead, and one pointed right. They also had one large eye in the back of their heads, allowing them to see in all directions. One of their ears was pointed forward, and the other pointed backward.

Four Hairy Magoon scoundrels circled the group, separating Gallop, Yew, and Hoppy. The other three crept toward the animals, each targeting one for a mysterious attack.

To be continued…

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