The Shrinky Family – Chapter 7

Friends Around the Campfire

The Shrinky family trotted along the road, feeling a bit tired after Mr. Shrinky’s tumble down the cliff. Gallop, the trusty horse, noticed Mr. Shrinky feeling pain from his hurt leg. “Hop on my back, Mr. Shrinky! I can carry you,” Gallop offered kindly. Mr. Shrinky hesitated, but Mrs. Shrinky and the children insisted. “Please, Daddy, let Gallop help. You need a rest,” they chimed in together.

With a grateful nod, Mr. Shrinky climbed onto Gallop’s back, and the journey continued. As the sun began to set, Mrs. Shrinky suggested they stop for the night. “We can rest here and continue our adventure tomorrow. I’ll cook something delicious for everyone!” she announced. The children eagerly started helping with chores – Eeny, Moe, and Meeny each had their tasks. Eeny stared to build a fire, Moe cleared an area of ground of rocks and sticks leaving a nice smooth place to rest for the night. Miny helped Mrs.Shrinky preparing the food for supper.

While they worked, darkness crept in, and the family heard footsteps approaching. Mr. Shrinky urged everyone to huddle in the shadows until they could see who it was. To their delight, it turned out to be Isley and her baby dragons. They explained they had heard about possible dangers nearby and wanted to check on the Shrinky family, especially with Gallop, Yew, and Hoppy in tow.

But the surprises didn’t end there. More footsteps revealed the little man and his cat, Mr. Winkle Handsome the III and Charlie White-Socks, the amazing cat. The children were thrilled to see familiar faces from their journey’s beginning.

Amid friendly chatter and laughter, the little group settled around the campfire. Mr. Winkle Handsome shared that they had heard rumors of Hairy Magoony creatures in the area, creatures known for their love of horse, sheep, and rabbits. The Shrinky family felt grateful for the unexpected company, and Mrs. Shrinky happily mentioned she had cooked extra food.

Introductions were made, and soon everyone was enjoying a warm meal together. Gallop, Yew, Hoppy, Splash and Drench the baby dragons happily grazed nearby. The night passed with stories and shared experiences, creating a bond among the newfound friends. As they settled in for a cozy night’s rest, the Shrinky family and their new companions looked forward to the adventures that awaited them.

To be continued….

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