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What makes a great HR Director?

It is my opinion that most of the time over 95% of the employees within an organisation would not recognise their HR Director even if they were standing in front of them.  They may have seen at some stage a photograph of them but they would never have spoken to them either face to face or by phone.  Why is this?  because from my experience most HR Directors are too busy with some other stuff, than actually meeting, listening, talking and understanding the people that they represent within the organisation.

So if you hold the position of the HR Director ask yourself what your role is and who do you represent?

If the answer to these questions are around the “people” than how often have you left your office and met any or all of these people – how many employees’ names who work  for your organisation could you write down right now – even if you were to write all of those employees who work within the same building where you are located.  How many employees to the person work within your organisation and where are they all located?

Ask yourself what do you really know or even understand about any of the employees?

Next time you start out to go to work ask yourself where you should be going- to your office or to meet the people who work for the business.  For these people provide you with your position for without them, there is no need for you.

Does your organisation have the right HR Director or does your organisation need one?

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