The Key to Success is to look after your customers

To remind myself that it is important to continue to develop ones inner child skills, such as, curiosity, fun, honesty and imagination, I went to Canadian Tire and got a new front door key cut, with the image of Mickey Mouse on it.

When I got home and tried my new key in the door, for some reason, it would not work.  So, I returned the following day back to Canadian Tire and asked for them to cut the key again from the original key.  That’s when the fun started, the guy cut the key from the wrong key, instead of the original key, now making the original key useless. I now had two keys that would not work and no way of getting back into my house.  To confirm my suspicion, I travelled back to the house and tried the two keys out in the lock. As I expected both keys would not work.

I had to call over to the landlord and ask him for another key. Then go all the way back to Canadian Tire, to have the keys re-cut.  A Manager(John) who had seen what had happened earlier, came straight over to me when I returned back into the store. The Manager, could not have being nicer, apologising for the hassle it had caused me. He then re-cut the keys himself and just as I was leaving the store he handed me a gift card and again said, sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

Well done John and Canadian Tire, the KEY to success, is looking after your customers

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