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The House with a Golden Toilet

Got to go!

Good morning Nora, good morning Alistair and how is your head feeling this morning after your friend’s Bachelor Party last night?  Not bad Nora I could be feeling a little better but not too bad.  So where did you all end up after the pub?  Oh!  Nora I am not really sure, we ended up at some posh guys’ house.  They had a golden toilet Nora could you believe that.  Well, well Alistair a golden toilet they must have plenty of money.  Speaking of money Alistair can you lend me a few shillings till I get to the bank?  Sure Nora , Oh ! Nora I must have lost my wallet at the house where the party was last night.

Well Alistair you will just have to go to that house and find it. I am not sure that I can remember where the house was Nora, I know the street it was on.  You can walk up and down the street and see if you recognise the house Alistair, anyway there can’t be that many houses that have a golden toilet.

30 Minutes later.

Hey Nora I think this is the house I’ll knock on the door and check.  Excuse me madam my names is Alistair and I am not sure if I am at the right house but do you have a golden toilet.  Just one moment young man, Roger, I say Roger I think I have found the man that pissed in your Tuba last night.

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