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The Heart of the Matter

Listen to your Heart

The Heart of the Matter

How often do we use the word HEART in our daily sentences and how often do we mean what we say.  It is the heart’s blood that feeds our brain, it is the heart that pumps using an involuntary muscle.  We seem to use the word heart with similar involuntary thoughts.  Most of all we should listen to our heart.

Here are just some examples of the emotions and abilities we attach to this vital organ.


I give you my hearts blood

I give you my whole heart

I have a broken heart

I love you with all my heart

Have a heart and forgive

I put my whole heart into it

That was done half hearted

You are cold-hearted

Lonely hearted

You have a heart of gold

That is not for the faint hearted

You have a hard heart

Welcomed with an open heart


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