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Play Life’s Game

Given our ever changing world and the issues we are faced with today I thought I would share this poem I wrote over eight years ago about the worries one has for their Children in trying to protect them in this world.  One just has to let go and hope that they will find their own way in the world as best they can.  Nature has a way of looking after us our difficulty is that we don’t share the same concern for nature. Just now the words of an Aslan song came into mind “How can I protect you in this crazy world” well worth a listen. The issue is sometimes we just can’t protect them and the best we can do is to support and prepare our children  to be able to play life’s game. “Play Life’s Game” When I am worried I cannot write I think and worry about the kids each night Yet so young and they think they are old Big enough not to do what they are told With each year they become so big Always wanting to do their own gig As a parent they will never know How difficult it is to let them go Why do you worry in this day and age Each day they grow exploring another stage Yet I worry all the time Because I want to protect them as they are mine So when does this pain go away or awful fright That something may happen to them one night When I was young I was just the same So let them go to play life’s game

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