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Thinking Outside the Box

Why is it that when organizations ask its employees to think outside the box, they continue to confine them in a box? Organisations who are demanding creativity, innovation and new thinking need to focus on the environment and condition they create for thinking outside the box.  Both in physical and organizational structures.  Look around you and […]

Wake up and smell the roses!

Wake up and smell the roses, a phrase that’s is often used for one to awaken up to life and take time to notice this world or wake up to the reality of life or a situation.  Michael J Gelb in his book ‘How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci’ writes about the use of […]

On its way



On its way, you have not got long to wait – New Book

Is the art of conversation swiped out?

Have you ever experienced when you are talking with someone that they are doing one of the following things: –

Reading or texting on their phone Reading social media or emails while you are Skype/FaceTime with them Answering emails while on a conference call or webinar?

Or two people out together for a […]

The Little Hobo – First Class for Customer Service and Food

You may remember this post I wrote back in April 2014. The great news is that they have been voted the best restaurant in BC.


Well Done Crystal, Steve and Team.

The first time I visited the Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop for lunch I could […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New

I would like to wish all my readers and followers a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas. Thank you all for reading my blog posts during 2013. […]

Time Passes so Quickly

I am just coming up to my fourth year in posting blogs. Starting off with three per week for nearly three years and dropping to two. Over the past three months I have gone to maybe one or two posts per month. I asked myself how come I am not writing as much. Is it […]

Still Waiting since April 2012

My complaint to Safeway made on the 17th April regarding service at the bakery counter- read their response –

Mel Clifford Thank you for your recent correspondence. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your feedback. Your comments will be directed to our Public Affairs Department for further review. Mel, should […]

You can’t demand it you must earn it.

Trust is such a vital element in our lives. Trust is built by ones actions and it is earned through actively demonstrating that one can be trusted.

We need trust in our personal and working relationships. We need trust in our laws and elected government officials. We need trust in our financial and regulatory organisations. […]