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The Tree

There is a beautiful chestnut tree that stands tall outside my window

Every winter it throws off its former glory of its summer and autumn coats

In winter it is kept warm by the falling snow that settles on its branches

Waiting for the new time, so […]

Five questions about time

Your thoughts!

How important is time to you? Do you know where you waste your time? Who should you be spending your time with right now? What changes do you need to make in how you spend your time? What will you do from this moment forward with the time you think you have left? […]

Happy Christmas 2012

Sending us Hope

I would like to wish all my readers and followers a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas. Thank you all for reading my blog posts during 2012.

It is great to get all your individual comments. I really appreciate your words of encouragement and support.

Be yourself ,that’s who you are. […]

Time to Think

Taking time out to think or consider a situation, role or direction in your life is important. Taking six months or a year out is a short time in what may alter your life for many years into your future.

The right time is now, age is a matter of perception using the words I’m […]

Right Answer Wrong Time

Shenick Island

Skerries has four Islands just off its shore line they are called, Rockabill, Saint Patrick, Colt and Shenick. There is a fifth island called Red Island but in name only. When the tide is fully out one can walk right out onto Shenick Island. You can stay a while and then […]

Time Management – What a Waste of Time

Waste of Time

Do you manage your time?

A topic that I will keep coming back too, while reading Jim Estill author of CEO Blog-Time Leadership http://www.jimestill.com/ the other day it reminded me to write another blog on my personal experience of time management.

Have you ever gone on Time Management (TM) […]

Free of Charge

It is your time

I wrote on the 8th February this year about time and now important we must think about how we should use it and not waste it. I strongly feel that we can all do with a reminder now and again, so here is a short piece that I […]

Time is precious

Ask yourself the following five questions:

How important is time to you? Do you know what you spend your time on? Do you waste your time? How much time have you got left on this earth? What will you do from this moment on with the time you have left?

One thing that we all […]