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Your Inner Child

Finding the courage to discover who you’re meant to be in your personal and business world, it requires the wisdom of that savvy child within you. […]

Riders Retreat

British Columbia (BC) is famous for some of the most exciting, spectacular and scenic motorbike roads.  BC proudly promotes of over 85 motorcycle routes.  I have had the pleasure of  travelling on several of these routes.  Recently, I rode to Nakusp, Kaslo and back through Revelstoke. Staying two nights at the Riders Retreat in Nakusp. […]

Don’t Worry

If you are concerned about where you will be in the next few weeks, months or years, don’t be.  When it comes to death one of your longest journeys, you have not got a clue where you are going.  Live each day and let your journey unfold as it is meant to be, live […]

Make your 2018 even Better.

Jump right in and make your live in 2018 even better.  Take on all those things you need to do. 

Live life with an open heart and show only kindness in your world to yourself and others.

Happy New Year

Photo source – Mohamed- Hassan


Wake up and smell the roses!

Wake up and smell the roses, a phrase that’s is often used for one to awaken up to life and take time to notice this world or wake up to the reality of life or a situation.  Michael J Gelb in his book ‘How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci’ writes about the use of […]

Coming Soon – keep your eyes open!

The Savvy Child Within You  Become successful in your life and business using the forgotten childhood wisdom.

Why is that when we enter the world of business we lose the inner wisdom of the child within us. The laughter, curiosity, honesty and the willingness to play together. Learn how to find that child and […]

Young Living Essential Oils

Are you interested in Essential Oil?

Mind Body Spirit & Yoga Festival at RDS Dublin 24th Oct – 26th Oct 2016

This is the largest Holistic & Wellbeing event in Ireland. A 3 day opportunity for information, advice, lectures, networking, demonstrations and taster sessions associated with all aspects of wellbeing. Including 75 workshops/lectures from […]

Last month of this year – The start of something new

Today is the start of the last month of this year. Today is the first day of this month. Today is the first day of this week. More importantly, it is never to late to start something new. What have you always want to do.

What about starting it today?

Being happy in yourself is […]

Networks, are you building yours?

I thought I would share with you an extract from Harvey Mackay book entitled ‘DIG YOUR WELL BEFORE YOU’RE THIRSTY- THE ONLY NETWORKING BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED. This book contains many great chapters and important take ways to support you in building your network. It’s never too late to start.

Chapter Title – […]