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Please use my name

When we are born we are all provided with a name, carefully chosen by our parents or guardians. A considerable amount of thought and discussion goes into what you will be called. Most of us like our name and are very happy to continue to use it throughout our lives. Sometimes, for reasons we may not know or understand, our name gets changed by others. Often they are shortened – for example from William to Bill, or from Desmond to Des. Some of us are given a nickname or called by our family surname  like ‘Doyler’ or ‘Harris’. One example of a nickname I came across was a man called ‘Leaky’ Doyle who was a local plumber. When we were children and met someone for the first time we would nearly always ask them, “What is your name?” Yet when we get older we seem to loose this quality of interest. Once, while working with a very senior team of executives, I asked the question about the type of culture they believed they had within their organisation. Various responses came back but one of the agreed responses was that they were very “employee focused” and they “cared for their people” because this “would reflect onto their clients.” Each of these executives passed their receptionist nearly every morning, yet when I asked them what  her name was less then 10% of the room could tell me. How many people do you pass each and every day in your workplace and use or even know their name? What about when you buy your morning coffee or newspaper, or purchase a  transport ticket, or pay for your petrol? Do you ask them their name? Most people working in retail shops or customer services areas have name badges – do you use their name to say thank you or even just hello? I suggest that you never loose that child quality within you. From today forward ask and use my name.

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