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Make your 2018 even Better.

Jump right in and make your live in 2018 even better.  Take on all those things you need to do. 

Live life with an open heart and show only kindness in your world to yourself and others.

Happy New Year

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The secrets of the spiritual heart

Very few people understand the heart. In truth, your heart is one of the masterpieces of creation. It is a phenomenal instrument. It has the potential to create vibrations and harmonies that are far beyond the beauty of pianos, strings or flutes. You can hear an instrument, but you feel your heart. And if […]

Guidance in Your World 2017

When I am unsure of what I must do, send my teachers and mentors to place the lessons before me so that I can learn, understand and grow in this world.  Encourage me to stay in the moment and reflect on what I must do next.  Guide me in goodness only and […]

Be True to Your Self


The opening lines of a poem titled  ‘Does True Love Ever End’ 

Does True Love Ever End

It started with a gentle smile, a warn feeling and an interest.  It continued through the frequency and continuous opportunity of connection.  It began with that magic sparkle growing which I felt deep inside. 

The Beauty of the Heart

The beauty of the heart

is the lasting beauty:

its lips give to drink

of the water of life.

Truly it is the water,

that which pours,

and the one who drinks.

All three become one when 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2016

I would like to wish all my readers and loyal followers a very peaceful and Merry Christmas. That 2016 is what you would want it to be for you, your family, friends and fellow neighbours.

As citizens of this very small planet, that we all can enjoy a peaceful year in 2016. That we actively […]

How Do I know Love

How Do I know Love

True love comes to us all

You should not let love pass you by

How do you know that this is true love

True love is for you both to grow into who you are

Know what true love does not make you one


Message from a hostel – Where’s me trousers?

I do

Nora did you see my good trousers anywhere? They are in the wardrobe with your other pair of jeans Alistair. Thanks Nora, is my good shirt ironed? No Alistair, you know where the iron is kept and the ironing board. Nora did you pick up my good jacket from the dry […]

Merry Christmas

Remembering Mum

Office parties over, presents wrapped, shopping finished and turkey stuffed so don’t forget to chill out relax and be kind to yourself. Remember others in your life and think of those who may not be as fortunate as you – yes there is always someone out there that might need your help, […]