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The Savvy Child Within You - Become successful in your life and business using the forgotten childhood wisdom. Why is that when we enter the world of business we lose the inner wisdom of the child within us. The laughter, curiosity, honesty and the willingness to play together. Learn how to find that child and continue always to seek its wisdom and truth so that you can bring the inner child qualities into your personal life and business world.

Into Me I See
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A new poetry book composed by Mel Clifford & Emily Elzbeth.
Discover rarely seen inner worlds within this little treasure of poetry and photography. Each selection is vulnerably presented in its raw state freshly drawn from the soul of each author.

Changing the Way I Am
Second book of poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors. Poems written from four generations of family poets. Kindle eBook on Amazon ONLY

The Adventures of Doc Higgins – The True Story of King Henry VIII
The second book in the series of The Adventures of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention, 'the Higulator'. Have the Craic when Doc meets King Henry VIII with the Manager and sets up the plan for getting his new wife.

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The Adventures of Doc Higgins
The tale of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention. How does the famous Doc plan to bring Alistair back from 1965 to his Nora?

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Poetry Just for You
Selection of Poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors.

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September 2022


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Deal or No Deal ?

e Voting machines for SALE – Ireland cost €55m sold €70K   Deal or No Deal ?

Decision makers in buying the e Voting machines were Noel Dempsey, Martin Cullen, Bertie Ahern are they answerable?  Deal or No Deal?

Storage payments and a 25 year storage lease awarded to one Mr Duffy who is the […]

Was it GREED or What?

It seems to me that what we read and what we hear in the Irish media continues to paint a much prettier picture than what actually exists.  My question is why?  If one questions this opinion are they seen as negative and condemned for not having a positive attitude towards “Green Shoots”.  It is […]

What Does Your Organisation Value?

Is it Time for Change?

It is sometimes said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but it might be best to break it.  Having lots of policies just to keep the employees in line – my question is why?

If 90% of your team are working 55-70 hours a week and […]



Frosty morning looking east

In all its glorious light

Blazing sun and silhouetted treetops

O what a beautiful sight

O many a time I’ve harshly spoken

And fearful of the beast

The danger chill and deathly will

Of the sharp and cutting wind from […]

Hotsands Beach

You’ve heard him before but you’re not sure where. You’ve seen him before but you’re not sure when. Someone you know dated him before but you’re not sure who. Check out the hot new offering from the international man of intrigue, Hotsands Beach.

The music video for his single ‘Lonely U’ Features supermodel Bobbi […]

I Need Reminding

Believe in your Dreams

Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away.- unknown


Answer Inside

Answer Inside

When we are at a distance it is often thought but not said

If my arms are too far away to hold you then what shall I do?

If my thoughts are of you yet you cannot feel them what shall I do?


What a Rip Off

My question is why do cell (Mobile) phone Companies operating in Canada rip off their customers?  You have to pay for the calls you receive, you have to pay to have voice mail–

I am surprised at Virgin Mobile they know the UK and European cell phone markets.

Ask TELUS, Shaw, Fido, Bell, Rogers […]

Who are you



Finding oneself is good….Knowing oneself is better ……but being oneself is amazing