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Thought I would let know – Great Deal

Toner Parts Coupon Codes – Save Up To 70% and Free Shipping

We all know you can buy a printer as cheap as $30.00, but then it gets expensive with the cost of toner and ink. Try out this site TonerParts.com, I have a coupon code RTNMC for readers of my blog to receive […]

Getting Back in the Swing

Hi Readers,

So you are wondering where Doc Higgins, The Manager, Nora and Alistair are? They are lost in the time zone. I am just back into the swings of things after a heavy workload of study. Thanks for your emails and support. I’m happy to say, the Doc is preparing to get on the […]

Twitter – “Out of Order”

Out of Order

Sorry to anyone who is trying to Twitter but for some reason the Twitter plug in has stopped working. Will try and get it sorted very soon.

Thanks for your patience

My New Publishing Web Site

Welome all those followers from my old site and I hope you find this new publishing site more user friendly. Please take a few minutes to have a look around. I will continue to develop this new site with items, photographs and pages as we go.

Please click on subscribe to follow me . I […]

21 Days

It is said that if you do the same thing each day over a 21 day period it will become a habit. Giving something up like sweets, smoking or taking exercise, doing meditation or what I have done is to blog each day. So writing a blog every day should now be a habit of […]