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Look Within not Without

When your heart hurts because you are feeling sad, sit quietly and rest for a while Your heart will beat from within you and remind you that you are beautiful inside Seeking in your life the approval of others will not mend your heart, this will only prolong your pain Sit with your place of quietness and kindness to the self For the beauty of self is always within Stay quiet and look deeper inside for the forgiveness of any fault that you may feel is yours It is from the deepness within, that your soul will find you to forgive, if you need it Your soul will awaken the solution to your sadness and cure your hurt Your soul will not forsake you when you seek its guiding light even from your darkness Look within not without

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Inner Beauty

Taking time out for YOU I had the opportunity to meet some new friends over the weekend.  While I took  some well needed time to think and reflect on both my personal and business worlds. I would highly recommend for individuals to take time out of thier busy lives and give themselves time to think, especially in our current economic climate. I went on some lovely walks and just viewed the surroundings in a different way.  One evening when we were all sitting around the log fire, sharing experiences, telling a few stories and some jokes, Andy Smith recited one of the many poems he has written over the last few years.  He was kind enough to share this poem “Inner Beauty “with us and he has given  me permission to now share it with all of you. I look forward to sharing some of his other poetry in the coming months.  Thank you Andy. INNER BEAUTY How many conflicts must we face Before we understand this race How many wars to win and spin Before we conquer what’s within We blindly go again, again To the swords that cut us down in size Away from Love and Truth and Bliss Chasing phantom happiness Trophies gathered and hoarded Like big boys, toys displayed Never quite filling the empty ache Short term patching for appearance sake This world can seem a fear-full place As we run and race around full pace Striving in circles to the winning tape From the powerful inner, no need, escape Shadow boxing imagined ghosts Standing on our material boasts Lost in the egotistical searching, outside The host that is the source ‘You are Beautiful’ Finished on May 2nd 2005. Andy Smith, Corragarrow, Melview, Longford.

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