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55,000 New Jobs per year No excuses please

It's your Job – so deliver no excuses

One Tuesday this week I made comments about an article I read very recently on leadership and the pressures it carries and what one should do published in the Globe and Mail Newspaper. As I stated in my post it was very basic stuff. I […]

Who are they protecting?

Rotten to the Core

It seems to me that there are more rules and regulations in place to protect those that waste Government money then there are to protect those that just want to do a good job within the Public Sector. Protecting those that make claims of false and excessive expenses, those […]

Who Will Break the Mould?

When will the ripples of change start

I have not written around the area of politics lately but I feel the complete lack of accountability and responsibility taken by a lot of Politicians is becoming more ridiculous. There are those who are doing considerable good work and are extremely effective in their […]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Blind or What?

If you had a team of people working for you who were guilty of the following actions and who ran your business into the ground and left generations to come with an enormous debt because of their inabilities and self greed, what would you do?

Charge Sheet

Totally incompetent […]

Selecting the right candidate for the Job

More Rotten Apples

Here are some interview questions that might support you in your selection process for the right person for the job.

Six simple questions that we could ask each candidate to help in our selection.

1. Do you practice and value honesty and trust? 2. Do you practice and value fairness […]

When it’s rotten throw it out

Rotten Apples

Yet again more rotten apples in the barrel. I have written before about people taking personal responsibility and accountability for their actions. It seems to me that these values and qualities do not exist within the Government ranks for certain Politicians and Senators. Again we see more issues of miss spending. […]

Personal Accountability

Why do Irish politicians not accept personal accountability for their actions in public life?

Look at the recent events and scandals with semi-state spending, expenses and decision on infrastructure projects, and the enormous over-spends and wastage. Yet not one public employee or minister has been fired.


It is a shame on those who know […]