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Quiet Please

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day working away in the peace and quiet with just the background music when guess what someone decided to make a phone call on their mobile phone.  In most cases this is normally OK but I must say there is nothing more annoying then someone in a public location having a very loud discussion on their mobile phone as if they were the only person in the place.

They carried on their discussion as if everyone in the vicinity must have wanted to hear what they had to say.  Like everyone in the coffee shop I said nothing and I tried to carry on with my work ignoring as best I could this very loud person on their phone.  I believe a little politeness would go a long way and people could still have their conversation but only at a lower tone and showing respect for those who shared the immediate vicinity.

I think that there should be a signal or diagram that everyone becomes familiar with that we could use to communicate to the offending person on their mobile that they are speaking too loud and to either speak quietly, move to another more private location or hang up.  I have not figured out what that signal or diagram should be as yet.

So any suggestions for the signal or the picture/wording one could use?

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