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Social Media – how are ya?

Have they got it right?

Does Facebook have it right or not?  – When one signs up to open an account your profile is open to the world.  But what do we do?  We go to the security settings and close our information down (yes I am guilty).

When they used to build houses with open gardens what happened?  People moved in and the first thing they did – even before getting a TV was to build a fence around what they considered was their own garden.

We can’t even remember what a community meant.  It meant caring for each other and sharing what we had – we are now concerned about what others might do with the information we provide and share on our pages.  How will our community and others use this information against us?  In the hiring world of HR people are researched on Facebook sites before offering jobs, HR personnel will make decisions on this information without even meeting the candidates – my question is what is on their own page?

Real communities provided support and help to each other and don’t use information against you even when you are in trouble.

Maybe Facebook have it right and open your world to the world – there are still people who want to help.

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