So What Has Changed –Bankers Bonus?

Fairness - What's Changed Boys?

Not even a year in and have they lost the bottle to do what is right?

You might remember that on 14/5/2010 I wrote the post entitled Then There Were Two

You will see that both David Cameron and Nick Clegg used words like “in the National Interest” I asked at that time will both David and Nick have the strength to ensure that as the days pass and the infighting starts can they  demonstrate strong leadership and hold it together?  Will they both together deliver what is expected or what could be amazing?

They communicated that their relationship is built on the following three aspects

  1. Freedom
  2. Fairness
  3. Responsibility

I now ask three questions of you both

  1. Where is the fairness with the bankers going to pay out large bonuses to themselves?
  2. Where is your responsibility in informing them how wrong this is and its not to be actioned?
  3. Where now is your “grown up behaviours” and “strong leadership?

Same old, same old, to me and I thought that you two would make the difference?

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