Six Steps to Achieve a Better Interview Experience

Getting it Right

Interviews for a new job/position can be a very positive experience and learning opportunity for both the interviewee and interviewer, if you prepare correctly.

It is amazing how many individuals fail to prepare properly, even the basics.  I have seen candidates not knowing what they have written in their Curriculum Vitae (Resume).  CVs with lots of inaccurate information.

I have seen interviewers rush out of one business meeting into an interview without having read the candidates CV or even have the person’s correct name.

One of the interviewer’s biggest mistakes is not allowing enough time for and between candidates.

Both candidate and interviewer have a responsibility to make the interview a positive experience.


Apart from looking your best and getting to the interview location on time here are three simple steps that you can take to make your interview a positive experience.

  1. Prepare – research the position on offer, the company, the interviewer…
  2. Divide your Resume / CVinto  separate headings that suit your personal circumstances. This will allow you to structure the discussion when you are asked a question on any particular area, for example.
    1. Education, Work Experience/skills, your personality
    2. Work Experience/skills, achievements, your continuous development, your personality
  3. Bring relevant material with you – copies of references, your portfolio, and have questions prepared to ask about the job/position and company.

If you fail to prepare, you let yourself down.



Apart from you knowing exactly the person spec and skills required for the position and having the right people in the room to conduct the interview, here are three simple steps that you can take to make the interview a positive experience.

  1. Prepare – your welcome, greeting and introductions, your location, your interview structure and questions.
  2. Structure the interview process – make the candidate feel at ease and clearly set out the interview format and structure.
  3. Opinion of your organisation – ensure that each candidate leaves the interview process with a good feeling of wanting to work with your organisation (or in that new position).

Remember how you see the candidate dressed at the interview will properly be the best dressed you will ever see them.

If you fail to prepare, you let your organisation down.

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  1. HI Mel,

    Good solid advice there. Enjoyed that. How about tips for those who’ve not been interviewed for years or are going back into the workforce after some years in self employment or who’ve worked for companies for donkeys years and are now redundant due to the economic climate.

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