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Six Questions on Divorce – Free of Charge

The Money Racket

Question 1

Who gets paid from the misery of others in separation and divorce cases?


Correct, only the solicitors, lawyers and the barristers.

Question 2

In whose interest is it to make sure that the court case (s) happens and enough letters are written between the parties involved to get them all fired up?


Correct, only the solicitors, lawyers and the barristers.

Question 3

What about the couple, the kids, the extended family, friend’s new partners and families what do they get?


Correct, only misery, stress and in some cases financial ruin for all.

But remember relationships and more important than any money.  Divorce causes misery for all involved.

Question 4

What if divorce cases were free of charge and the solicitors, lawyers and barristers had to this work Yes Free of Charge.  How many solicitors, lawyers and barristers would take divorce cases on?


None – why should they work for nothing – what is there was a one fixed price €500.00 for all cases –there answer would still be none

Question 5

Would the process be shorter if it was free of charge?



Question 6

Would cases be settled quicker if it was free of charge?



So let us hear it from the legal teams – I am sure I will get a book on why they must charge such large fees – for the misery it brings to all parties involved. What is the fastest growing revenue stream in the legal world ?

Where does the buck stop?  – couple involved or the legal teams – The answer is………

2 comments to Six Questions on Divorce – Free of Charge

  • You’ve got a point about the fees charged by the lawyers. However, would the high fees also act as a deterrent for divorce to couples who are having trouble in their marriage? Any thoughts?

  • melclifford

    Hi Evelyn
    Thanks for your comment – very difficult subject to write on and experiences tells me the legal system need to change and their attitude towardsthese type of issues.
    Thanks again
    Kind Regards

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