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Simple Things

Seven simple things you can do any day you choose too, try one of them and see how you feel.

  1. Parking Ticket – give your parking ticket with some reminding time on it to a fellow motorist who is parking on the same street or leave your ticket in or on the parking ticket machine.
  2. Toll Bridge – if you are driving through a cash toll, paid for the car behind you.
  3. Coffee – if you are buying a coffee in the morning, buy one for the person behind you or pay the sales person for an extra coffee so the next person who comes into the coffee shop gets their for free.
  4. Smile – at somebody who needs it.
  5. Crying – if you see somebody on the street or in your workplace crying  just check they are O.K.
  6. Hello – call to your neighbour on each side of you and introduce yourself if you don’t already know them. If you do know who they are go one door further until you find the neighbours you don’t know -yet
  7. Listen – just listen to that person who needs someone to talk today – you don’t have to be able to fix their issue just to be able to listen.

It starts with you making the choice to act – give it a go!

2 comments to Simple Things

  • I am happy to read your blog and I can find a lot of good things to learn from your posts, as I was always learning from you.

    Just to give it a try, not necessarily “doing” now the things you enumerated, I believe that it is rewarding for a kind person to perform any of the last four activities. Point 1 is OK as well.

    However, I believe that I would really feel stupid performing activities two or three, as I don’t see any reason to spend this money on a person which surely can afford and wishes to pay for himself, and not spending the money on a real good cause. Instead of performing three times a month activity two or three, sponsor a child somewhere in the underdeveloped world or pay for a charity which is supporting disabled persons where is needed. It is just so little that can help…

    But that’s me; maybe there are people with higher standards of moral that can enjoy performing point two or three.

    Thanks for all, waiting for the next post.

    P.S. It happens that myself I know very well how much time and effort are you, Mel, spending in helping others, so for sure what I wrote above is not for you…

  • melclifford

    Thanks for your comment and kind words. Like all actions the choice is always yours. It is often the little things one does that may brighten up someones day. I agree if you can sponsor a child this is a great way to help. Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to your comments in the future.

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