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Simple But Often Forgotten

What's on the other side

In many cases of negotiations I have witnessed the failure of individuals to address the simple question as to, what would I do if I was in the other persons place right now or from what position is the other person viewing this issue or problem.

Try placing an object with difference information or diagrams on each side in the middle of the table in front of both parties.  Then ask them from where they are sitting to describe what they see on this object.  You should get two different descriptions of the same object.  Both failing to see what the other can see.  It is not until each person changes places will they be able to see the other person’s description or point of view.

This concept is simple but often forgotten, resulting in disagreement and with no resolution.

Before solving a problem, he who desires to avoid making a mistake must never fail to ask himself this question.  What should I do if my interests were those of the opposite party?  Or yet again.  What should I reply if my adversaries used the same language to me as I purpose using when addressing them?  –  Yoritomo Tashi

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