Simple but not often done!

If you have not read Nicholas Bate’s ” Brilliant At The Basics of Business 100:” I would suggest you do. I am only referring to 2 points of 100 but all the other 98 are well worth the read. I will refer to others in future post. If you are a CEO, Director, Owner or Manager of any business you would do well by reading all 100 points. If you want your business to grow – take action now and get off your ass!

Point 74 and linked to Point 81

Point 74 “Get out of the office and find out what’s going on. What do customers really think of you? Do those fancy initiatives you dream up at head office acrually work out in the field? Clear the diary and go observe.”

Point 81Challenge your assumptions. Work from the shop floor. Do a day behind the counter on the phones or on the cold garage floor.Yep; maybe their job isn’t so easy after all…”

Just these two will get you to actions – thanks Nicholas

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