hould a Top Quality Hotel offer FREE Wireless Access?

Not in These Hotels

I was meeting a few people a week ago in two different hotels in Dublin.  While I was waiting I ordered a coffee and asked for the access code for the internet service. I was informed that there was a fee. In the Four Seasons Hotel Ballsbridge Dublin the fee was of €12. My next meeting was in the Herbert Park Hotel ,it had a fee of €6 for just 30 minutes. In the last few years, 99% of the hotels/ hotel lobbies and small coffee shops that I have visited the internet access has being FREE. Some locations although FREE limited your time which is very understandable.

Of course when I queried this fee with the staff members they were embarrassed and understood my complaint. The standard reply was I was not the first to complain and to apologise saying it is Head Office Company Policy. In my opinion I wish the person who decided to make this a policy would get out from behind their Head Office Desk and listen to the customers, not place their employees in embarrassing situations.

Starbuck Coffee Shop and Bellamy’s Pub was within 3 minutes walk and they provide their customers with FREE internet access, their beverage charges are also half the price.

Wait for it, I had to overnight in London due to flight delays and the Crown Plaza Heathrow win pride of place. Internet charges are £5 for one hour continuous service. Trouble is once you log on your hour starts and finishes regardless if you log off 10 minutes later. I have to say the employees listened, but Head Office, forget it. I must have been the x number of thousand customers who have complained about this charge I was informed.

The Crown Plaza has 400+rooms, on full occupancy and with only 50% using 24 hour web service (£16) that’s a cool £3,200 per night paying thier internet charges. Guess Head Office will keep their ears closed and feck the customer.

I can vote with my feet and not return and when poor customer service and the introduction of stupid Company policies come up for discussion, guess who will be top of my list Four Seasons and Herbert Park Hotel Dublin and Crown Plaza Heathrow UK.

When will Head Office ever learn to LISTEN?

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