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I had the pleasure to visit a newly opened restaurant in Skerries County Dunlin the other evening called Sea Urchin and I must say when you received excellent service and food to match it’s a real delight.  Sea Urchin is situated on the Harbour Road, Skerries and has only been open now a few weeks.  We were a party of five and from the moment we were greeted at the front door to the movement we left we were made feel extremely welcome.  Nothing was an issued and the service was excellent.

I am not a professional food critic and I don’t do restaurant reviews but I left saying I must tell others about this place.  The service, food presentation, food quality and atmosphere were excellent.  The menu was different and a great selection.  We each had different main courses and to a person it was delicious, so if I was a professional food critic top marks, keep it up.

Too often we are quick to complain and not often enough do we complement individuals and places that we have good experiences.  So well done Sea Urchin and to all the staff especially Constantin and the front of house team and of course the excellent team of Chefs.

What makes a great – restaurant?  – Sea Urchin Skerries

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