Selecting the right candidate for the Job

More Rotten Apples

Here are some interview questions that might support you in your selection process for the right person for the job.

Six simple questions that we could ask each candidate to help in our selection.

1. Do you practice and value honesty and trust?
2. Do you practice and value fairness and equality?
3. Do you respect individuals who take and accept accountability for their actions?

What do you think the right answers should be to the first three questions?  Let’s say it is YES to all questions.

We will move onto the next set of three questions

Do you think it is OK to?

4. Contribute to and oversee bad business, financial practices and policies that destroy individual’s lives
5. Claim expenses or grants (funding) that you know you are not really entitled to receive
6. To reward and give large pays off for those who oversee misspending and fraudulent regulations within their departments.

What do you think the right answers should be to these three questions?  Let’s say it is NO to all questions.

If you were the employer and you identified that for the first set of three questions the individual(s) did not behave with any of these qualities, what would you do?

If you were the employer and you identified that for the second set of questions the individual(s) did operate and manage correctly these activities and that these activities were acceptable to them, what would you do?

I think your answer would be to not entrust or employ them with the responsibility to carry out whatever job you had for them.  If they held the position already you would fire them from their position.  In the real world you can fire them or imprison them for their actions but if they are politicians then this is another world where you can’t fire them.  They just resign and walk away with a large pay off.

Remind you of anything? – more rotten apples in the barrel – Next time I will be very careful in my selection process what about YOU?

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