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Shenick Island

Skerries has four Islands just off its shore line they are called, Rockabill, Saint Patrick, Colt and Shenick.  There is a fifth island called Red Island but in name only.  When the tide is fully out one can walk right out onto Shenick Island.  You can stay a while and then walk back to shore before the tide turns.  I have done this lovely walk and wounder around this little island relaxing and experiencing the beautiful views out to sea.  The Island is home to one of Ireland’s many Martello Towers.

One day there was a commotion on the Island.  The tide had come in and there seemed to be two elderly people stranded on Shenick Island.  It was an elderly couple and they where frantically waving and shouting to a small crowd who had gathered on the shore line.  Well the emergency services where contacted and a rescue was put into full swing.

When the life boat crew finally got the couple safely off the island and onto Skerries beach the elderly man marched furiously up to the life guard on duty and started to shout at him “you told me I could walk out to that island in the late morning time while the tide was out and we could spend sometime there before the tide came back in,” “Yes replied the young lifeguard I did tell you but that was last week when you asked me”

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